Astrology and Children

Childhood is a period of development when we are still open to inner changes; an extremely fertile time when everything is a surprise. The seed of life is at the start of its development. The inner side of a child, is like a garden, to be looked after and reacts to whatever is put into it!

Astrology 04The Astrologer is like the garden enthusiast, carefully following the development of the flowers as well as intrusive weeds. Astrology is an instrument, a scientific device, to measure the psychological state of children, its medical diagnosis is most precise, in the individual’s dynamics. Youngsters are too young to comprehend and reveal their feelings and ideas logically. Astrology put on Children is of an excellent help to the parents because it lets them understand the inner patterns of their loved ones.

Clarifying dispute is a big step in addressing the problem, whether the problem is internal, or between people. The healing procedure, involving parent-child relationships, can then occur.

Having the astrological secret, can provide the parents the chance to help the child to exercise difficulties in the energy patterns, by altering their mindset towards the child, in a most favorable method. Remember that in astrology, old routine patterns, especially those of an emotional colour, are the most difficult to handle in their adult years. Astrology, gently assists the parent to be in touch with the future grown up.

Issues, if taken and dealt with early in life are still little, however in adulthood, they may become significant difficulties. Astrology assists the Astrology 05individual to learn about who he, or she is, without judgement, merely by being unbiased. The most crucial period in the psychological development of a child runs from twelve months to the fourth year.

It is considerable to mention that this is the period when the parents are in charge. When you draw an astrological chart of a child, you have the mental and spiritual blue print of the developing adult. You can see the character, how he perceives his parents, the method he views his relationship with them, and the relationship with the rest of the household.

The parents can then be in touch with the kind of atmosphere required, for the child to be at ease and all the characteristics of interaction that go with it. Youngsters have the same requirements as adults; the chart of the child is indeed the casting of the future adult.

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